The three best ways I get out of writing slumps

What’s the worst thing about the writing process?

Odds are you probably said writer’s block, because it sucks. Writer’s block – or as I like to call it, being in a “writing slump” (makes it seem less permanent) – can make even the best writers stare at their keyboard blankly.

Here are the three best ways that I get out of my writing slumps:

  1. Listen to music on the bus

This may be overly specific, but for me it works practically without fail!

Something about being on the bus with my headphones in always makes me contemplative. If I’m not crammed next to too many people, it’s a nice space to think about different plots, and just follow whatever thought process my music takes me on (image-heavy lyrics work well for me, especially Fall Out Boy!). It’s just me, my music and a bus window to watch the city rush by.

Most of the time I’ll start brainstorming dialogue and develop a concept around a two person conversation. By the time I get off the bus, I’m rushing to write it down! (Or I make a note on my phone)

  1. Go through old binders and folders

While some of what you find may make you cringe or cackle, you may find inspiration too! A lost plot here or an undeveloped character there might be all you need to freshen up your ideas and get right back into the swing of things!

  1. Watch award speeches

Again, this may only be me, but I get instantly inspired whenever I watch award show speeches. Every year during award show season – especially during the Oscars – I get a surge of purpose: I want to be on that stage someday! Or at least, I want to feel that accomplishment. There are compilation videos on YouTube of “best award show acceptance speeches” if you don’t want to wait around for the next live show.

Note: Don’t get stuck dreaming of your award debut. If your busy writing your own personal acceptance speech instead of writing what will get you that award (or prize or grant or deal or [insert end goal here]), then you’re only distracting yourself.

How do you get out of your writing slumps?


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